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Corporate Real Estate Management

Operational real estate management from Frankfurt creates added value

Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) is a success- and value-oriented management concept for operational real estate management in “non-property companies”. It focuses on the systematic planning, management and control of all real estate-related corporate activities. The goal is to contribute to the sustainable competitiveness of the company.

Due to the amount of financial resources tied up, the resulting long-term cost-effectiveness as well as the lack of corrective capacity, active and results-oriented management has become much more important.

Outsourcing property management to specialists in order to focus more on the core competencies of the company has the following necessities and advantages:

The necessities of outsourcing
  • Stricter legal and compliance regulations in recent years
  • Real estate costs account for between 3 – 10 % of annual sales revenues
  • Economic structural change
  • Internationalisation and globalisation
  • Well-founded treatment of resource potentials in the operational real estate portfolio

Advantages of Corporate Real Estate Management at a glance

  • Cost savings
  • Vorteil unseres CREM ist unter anderem die Optimierung der Immobilienkosten.
  • Cost and data transparency
  • With the consolidation of responsibilities and competences, we can guarantee reliability in the up-to-dateness of property-related data.
  • Planning security and planning perspective
  • When planning an expansion or innovations, it is particularly important to keep an eye on budgeting and to carry out monthly target/actual comparisons in order to be able to ensure the success of the planning.
  • Best practice approach through in-depth know-how and market knowledge
  • Creating options for cost-effective and functional expansion

Our range of services in Corporate Real Estate management starts as shown below:

  • Rental contract management
  • We advise you on the optimisation and standardisation of the existing contract, in particular with regard to value enhancement clauses, deconstruction obligations, etc.
  • Branch leasing and closing
  • When branches are rented or closed, the strategic and conceptual approach is particularly important. Among other things, it is a question of using possible synergy effects to the advantage of the company. We advise you on possible distance negotiations in the event of premature branch closures and enter into negotiation talks with the landlord on your behalf. In doing so, we keep an eye on the company’s strategic goals.
  • Audit of the operating cost accounting
  • When reviewing your operating cost statement, we carry out a so-called benchmarking. Here we try to optimise the operating costs of your portfolio through continuous comparisons with market participants.
  • Cashmanagement
  • In doing so, we instruct rent payments or advance operating cost payments. We manage your rental budget, but at the same time we also actively control your liquidity in a targeted manner to ensure your solvency.
  • Information and data management
  • Our modern and location-independent IT environment guarantees you 24/7 access to all your data and the greatest possible transparency.

Our Corporate Real Estate Management part of a holistic strategy: we help manage your properties

Our CREM consists of four sub-segments that can be combined to form a holistic strategy. We derive the optimal strategy for you from our offer of client management, landlord support, cash management and review of the operating cost statement as well as continuous monitoring.

We support you as a client transparently and at all times. With our cloud-based object management software, you have around-the-clock, location-independent access to your data and the ability to control approvals via our workflow engine.

With KRIEGER Corporate Real Estate Management you have experts at your side from whose know-how you benefit. We give you planning security, create options for a cost-efficient as well as functional expansion and work transparently with regard to costs and data.

Increase your company’s competitiveness now with our CREM as a strategic success factor.