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Real Estate Asset Management from Frankfurt

Our core tasks in real estate asset management

In active real estate asset management, we see ourselves as the extended arm of the portfolio holder. We manage or optimise the real estate assets under investment and capital investment aspects in accordance with the client’s strategic orientation.

In Real Estate Asset Management, we focus on:

  • Preparation of marketing/letting concepts
  • The preparation of marketing and letting concepts includes, among other things, the evaluation and analysis of the marketing history, the location with regard to micro and macro market aspects, the building structure such as floor plan, divisibility as well as development and equipment features. Based on these criteria, we define possible user groups for the property. Subsequently, an exposé is prepared on the basis of the property documents.

    When marketing through an agent, we coordinate and control the agent, discuss relevant marketing tools with them and evaluate marketing reports.

  • Tenant services
  • Competent and close tenant support is an important concern for us. It is not uncommon for tenants to consider whether they have been well looked after during their tenancy as an important factor in deciding on a location. This results in regular communication with the tenant in order to be able to respond to their needs and, if necessary, to cover any additional or reduced requirements in our own building. As asset managers, it is our task to be as well informed as possible about the tenant's interests. Our tenant services also include lease management.

  • Preparation and monitoring of the annual and half-year budgets
  • We are responsible for continuously reviewing the annual budget agreed with the owner within the framework of regular target/actual comparisons and for adhering to the agreed investment volume. This also includes measures such as conversion, refurbishment or repairs.

  • Control and commissioning of external service providers
  • When it comes to managing and commissioning external service providers, asset management forms the central interface between all parties involved and coordinates and controls facility and property management. We conduct tenders and negotiate service contracts for your properties or award contracts as the owner's representative.

  • Monitoring and release of payment flows
  • In asset management, it is our concern that your fixed annual budget is not exceeded. This is where we come in with our cash management and regularly monitor rental income and expenditure. We can also take over payment runs for larger conversion or extension measures for you.

  • Representation vis-à-vis authorities and credit institutions
  • With our asset management, we represent you externally. We are responsible for requesting all necessary documents or obtaining important official approvals on your behalf. We also ensure that obligations under loan agreements are met and transfer your loan obligations to your financing partner. We also provide you with our expertise when negotiating new loan conditions.

Real Estate Asset Management from Frankfurt: Control and optimisation of your real estate assets

For our national and international investors, financing banks and companies with their own properties, we analyse and leverage the value creation potential of their real estate portfolios. As we act as their trustees, transparency towards our clients is particularly important to us in real estate asset management.

Therefore, nothing is left to coincidence here: Through a modern IT environment, we can guarantee the highest level of transparency. Reporting geared to the needs of the client, audit-proof processes as well as a uniform and interface-compatible IT infrastructure create the basic prerequisite for active value management.