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Property Management

Property Management Frankfurt: Our tasks

Due to continuously rising service charges, professional, yield-optimising property management is increasingly becoming the focus of our investors. We provide support in identifying cost-saving and efficiency-boosting potential and in selecting the right service providers to meet the needs of tenants and properties.

We also maintain transparent bookkeeping, which in turn leads to correct billing of service charges and all other costs. All these are core tasks of our property management, which we are happy to provide you with.

The proactive and goal-oriented management of your real estate portfolio serves as the basis for our modular range of services. Here, property management forms the central interface to asset and investment management.

Core tasks of our property management:

  • Property and tenant management
  • Property management is considered the tenant's first point of contact, both in the residential and commercial sectors. Facility management or property service providers form the interface to property management. The property manager thus commissions, controls and coordinates the property service providers.

  • Rental collection
  • One of the core tasks of property management is rent collection. Here we regularly check the receipt of the rent and the advance payment of operating costs and send reminders if necessary.

  • Statement of operating costs
  • The proper accounting of a building's operating costs is another core competence of property management. These are all regularly recurring costs incurred in the management of a property. In the case of commercial properties, the allocation can be freely chosen. To protect the tenant in the residential sector, the apportionability is specified by laws and regulations.

  • Current accounting (account assignment)
  • Here we benefit from our close cooperation with the tax consultancy. In the context of this, we have mapped charts of accounts that are more detailed and correspondingly more transparent. We are able to break down and allocate cost items down to the administrative unit.

  • Reporting
  • The cooperation with the tax consultancy offers us - especially in the area of reporting - greater evaluation possibilities. We use our dashboard, which links the accounting world with the world of properties. On the one hand, key figures of the own property are visible here, such as apportionable and non-apportionable operating costs, vacancy rate or the share of commercial tenants. But the balance sheet of the property company can also be displayed, which at the same time reflects the asset and tax status.

  • Dunning system
  • With the help of our modern property management software and standardised and automated processes, we are able to operate a fast and transparent dunning system.

Digital property management through digitalised and process-optimised task areas

Through the digitalisation of our areas of responsibility and processes in property management, we are able to offer you digital property management. Among other things, this enables location-independent work, higher data quality and transparency on the one hand and cost efficiency on the other.

Also in property management, with headquarters in Frankfurt, you get everything from a single source as well as transparently prepared. The integrated approach enables us to offer our services at a reasonable price and to support you with our yield-optimised property management - around the clock.