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KRIEGER Real Estate Management

We, the KRIEGER Real Estate Management, based in Frankfurt am Main as well as in Lampertheim near Mannheim, offer our clients competent as well as tailor-made property and real estate management.

Thanks to our many years of experience in interdisciplinary cooperation with tax advisors, lawyers and auditors, coordinated processes and the use of the most modern and innovative software, we have succeeded in bringing together the worlds of balance sheet and cash-based accounting through the aggregation of different data volumes. This allows you to view all essential information around the clock, regardless of location, and offers you a transparent and high-quality database.

We support you as an institutional investor or private real estate investor in the purchase of real estate, in real estate management, in the identification and enhancement of value creation potentials or in the sale of real estate portfolios. Thanks to our integrated approach, we can accompany and actively support you with customised solutions.

Family Office Management by KRIEGER Real Estate Management - KIMS 4.0

The owner-managed KRIEGER Group and the KRIEGER Integrated Management System 4.0, KIMS 4.0 for short, are also particularly geared to the needs of family offices.

Since its foundation in 2008, the KRIEGER Group has pursued a holistic consulting concept. As a group of companies specialising in the real estate sector with around € 8 billion in AUM, we think in a process-oriented manner from document entry to operating cost accounting to the annual financial statements. With our owner-specific reporting, we also offer services tailored to your needs from a single source.

From a single source: property management in Frankfurt for commercial and residential properties

With our comprehensive range of services in real estate management, we cover the entire value chain around your property. We work with digital and process-optimised workflows that enable you to access your personally tailored reporting around the clock. This allows you to keep an eye on all your properties 24/7 and achieve full transparency. Via our web-based owner portal, all other property documents relevant to you are also available around the clock. By merging the data of our property world as well as the fiscal finance world and the resulting data harmonisation, you receive comprehensive data reporting from us. Increased transparency and time savings are the result of our reporting and our integrated approach. This frees up resources on the owner's side and enables the property owner to focus on the essential things.

In addition, we are responsible for your budget and support you in the coordination of your expansion and conversion measures. In doing so, we focus on optimised solutions as well as high-quality and service-oriented support for our clients.

We thus form the central interface between all parties involved in the process. Our many years of experience make us your reliable partner for professional property management.

Integrated approach

As real estate experts, we support our colleagues in tax consulting, auditing as well as legal consulting with our entire expertise in order to offer our clients a customised integrated approach.

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