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Corporate real estate management creates added value

Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) refers to a success- and value-oriented management concept for operational property management in ‘non-property companies’. Proceeding from the company’s strategic objective setting, its core is comprised of the systematic planning, management and control of all property-related corporate activities, with the aim of contributing to the company’s sustainable competitive ability.

Because of the magnitude of the associated financial resources, the resulting long-term cost-effectiveness of the properties used by the company, and an inadequate ability to correct errors when false decisions are made, the importance of an active results-oriented management of rented property stock has increased dramatically in recent years. Outsourcing property management to specialists, in order to place more emphasis on pursuing the company’s core competencies, arises from the following necessities and has the following advantages: 


  • more stringent statutory regulations and compliance rules in recent years
  • property costs amount to 3–10% of annual turnover receipts
  • economic structural change
  • Internationalisation and globalisation
  • informed management of resource potential in the company property portfolio


  • cost savings (optimisation of property costs)
  • transparency of costs and data  consolidation of responsibilities and competencies results in reliable and up-to-date property data)
  • planning security and planning perspectives (budgeting, monthly comparison of target and actual values) 
  • best-practice approach based on informed expertise and market knowledge
  • creates options for cost-efficient, functional expansion 

Service portfolio

  • rent contract management (optimisation and unification of existing agreement, particularly with regard to value increase clauses, restoration liabilities, etc.)
  • lease and closure of branch offices (concluding rent contracts, distance negotiations when branches close prematurely, etc.)
  • auditing of ancillary cost accounting (benchmarking)
  • cash management (allocation of rent payments, advance payment of ancillary costs)
  • information and data management (database maintenance, market research, information on users and competitors)


KONTAKT | Ansprechpartner Titel
KONTAKT | Dragan Jeftic Immobilienwirtschaft
Property management Dragan Jeftic real estate economist (GdW) Frankfurt

Phone +49 (0)69.29 72 388-801
Fax +49 (0)69.29 72 388-99
eFax +49 (0)69.29 72 388-610
Mobile +49 (0)172.65 68 131
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INFO CR | Virtueller Datenraum Hinweis
Virtual data room for property management

With KRIEGER Property Management you have secure access to your property data at any time and can control and manage them wherever you are.
Trennlinie zur Datenraumanzeige

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